Tips To Change A Bike Tire

Kids are very interesting in cycling, cycling is very good exercise to every one. However the problem is changing the bike tire or tube but if you take some proper steps it won’t be hard. Now I am give some easy tips to change a bike tire and tube.

  • First get the necessary tools such as Tire Lever, Tube.
  • Remove wheel from bicycle and remove air from bicycle tube.
  • Use your tire lever and hook the outer edge of the bead and pull the tire lever around the bicycle rim, such that the tire bead pops out.
  • Remove tire and tube, such that you remember its exact positioning on the bicycle rim and slightly inflate the tube to approximately 15 psi and inspect for puncture location.
  • If the puncture location is found, look in the same spot on the tire and the rim. Often times, a thorn or nail could have penetrated the tire and caused the puncture. It is also important to make sure that the rim tape is in position and in good shape. Often times, the spoke nipple will protrude and cause a puncture in the tube.
  • If you find the cause do the appropriate repair and grab your new tube and inflate just enough to give the tube shape.
  • Place the slightly inflated tube inside of the bicycle tire and inflate the tube to approximately 20 psi and fondle the tube all the way around the rim to ensure it is seated properly and inflate tire to appropriate pressure. (i.e. 40 to 60 psi for most mountain bike tires).
  • Every time you should wear ear and eye protection. Note that it is possible for a tube to pinch or explode during installation.
  • When installing the tube and tire, make sure the valve stem stays in place. Any unusual strain on the valve stem could cause a pinch or flat.