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Things to Consider Before Buying Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet insurance is essential for a business that uses more number of vehicles for business use. It protects against the legal liability claims in the event of the accidents in which your business vehicle is being involved. There are different types of options or different types of coverages that protect your driver/employee against the liabilities for bodily injury or property damage of the third party along with the driver.

Before buying a business motor fleet insurance, you need to consider the below things in order to get adequate business insurance.

Check your state’s minimum requirement: If you find out the minimum coverage required based on the guidelines of the state where you operate your business, you can decide the amount of coverage needed for the auto business insurance.

Decide the number of vehicles and drivers to insure: Insurance companies often provide coverage based on the number of vehicles and drivers to be insured. Motor fleet insurance is a best option for businesses that have more number of vehicles and drivers. It is less expensive alternative than individual vehicle policy.

Know how to reduce premium cost: Motor fleet insurance premiums can be lowered based on business location, drivers record, choice of vehicle, safety and anti-theft devices etc. After reviewing each and every aspect related to your business, you can lower your fleet insurance premiums.

Research properly: Make an appropriate research using online premium quotes. Compare all the quotes using good websites that provide instant premium quotes. Shop around, you may get in touch with various insurance agents and decide the insurance company that offer policies based on your requirement.

Look for discounts: While you are doing shopping online, find out the companies that offer discounts on premiums based on the driver’s safe driving history, annual mileage, business location, etc.

Review the policy before you sign: Read carefully the terms and conditions written on the policy documents. If you have any doubts, ask each and every details of the policy to the appropriate insurance agent. Make sure you get updates regularly regarding any changes in the policy terms and conditions. (more…)

Easy Ways to Make Your Car Run More Efficiently

Regular maintenance can prolong the life of any vehicle. But still people don’t follow. This results in car breakdowns in early stages and requires more repairs. In order to avoid this situation, you need to follow simple maintenance tips which help your vehicle run for longer time.

Following are the easy ways to save money as well as helps your car run more efficiently:

  • Manufacturers say that car riding with under-inflated tires on roads increases strain on the tires which in turn needs fuel consumption. The only best thing to save fuel is keep your tires inflated with proper pressure according to the manufacturer’s specimen.
  • Make sure that your car is cool. People use air cooling system in car to keep the car cool but it increases fuel consumption. To save fuel, instead of using air conditions try to tint your windows which do not allow entering heat inside the car. And now your car will be in a cooler state.
  • Use some of best additive oils like synthetic oils which increase a fuel efficiency. But make sure that the additive oil you want to use in your car is reliable. Make sure to get additive oil that is available in the market are fake.
  • Driving your car faster increases fuel consumption. So try to drive at medium speed.
  • Never drive your car with extra load on the road. Extra load causes strain on the vehicle which increases fuel consumption. So remove extra load from the vehicle to save fuel.
  • Always keep your engine in a tuned state. This helps you save fuel.

Last but not the least make sure that your car is not having any oil leaks. By following above tips, you will save some liters of fuel.

How to Find an Automotive Accident Attorney

There are many ways to find an automotive attorney who are qualified in such specific accidents. A good start should begin with online search, ask friends and family and also search for the area attorneys in the directories, which may be very helpful to you in finding an experienced lawyer. Finding an attorney is not hard but it is an important decision, so do research as much as you can and remember to ask some good questions when you speak to a potential attorney.

Start looking at the right way and do not wait for long because the longer the wait, the worse will it be. You have to make sure that you start the suit before the statute of limitations hit. It may also depend upon the place/state you live.

If you have a lawyer who knows you already and you will trust him then you should contact him first even if they are not in the case area/field as yours, because they will help you to finding a good lawyer who will exactly suit for you case. Such referrals will be helpful to you in choosing a good and right lawyer to you particular case.

You have found the lawyer who works on contingency fee basis. Because if the attorney wins the case on behalf of you, only you need to pay for him if not then no need of paying any single rupee to him. If the lawyer wins the case you should expect that he will receive 33% of what you receive from the opposite party if not you should away from the attorney who expect more than that.

If you want to hire an attorney who will suit good for you and your case then do some research on some good websites because it may be an excellent way to help you know who is good and what is not rather than just looking the names and ads and trying to make some best guess you can.

Once you find an attorney, meet him and it is better to communicate with him/her in face to face rather than communicating through the phone. Discuss the situation and know how he is communicating and how much interest he is showing towards your case, find out what he thinks he can do for you. Then, if you feel comfortable and you can trust that specific lawyer, you hire if you won’t felt comfort, without hesitation you find another which you feel comfortable, because you want to work with an attorney that you feel good and trustworthy. So try to find a lawyer who you can feel comfort.

Distracted Car Driving and its Implications

Doing other activities which can distract the individual’s attention from driving, is termed as distracted driving. Activities like eating, texting, attending a phone call, etc. can be the cause for the distracted car driving. As these distractions may directly impact the driving skills of the person, they should completely avoid to ensure safe travel in your car. Following are the consequences one can face if one gets distracted from driving. Just have a look to know the importance of conscious driving.

Implications of distracted car driving

  • According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety and Administration (NHTSA), 80% of the crashes and 65% of the near-crashes do include some or other form of driver’s distraction. They also noticed that the time span between the distraction is just three seconds. From this, we can directly interpret that the main effect of distracted driving is road accidents or crashes.
  • Drunk driving is also a form of distraction that affects the cognitive skills of the person, that is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs directly affects the brain and its functions. The main function of brain is its response to the actions. Alcohol and other illicit drugs affects the brain in such a way that the response time will be abnormal. That is if there is a need to apply break in order to avoid crash, the person who is under the influence of alcohol, will apply it a few minutes later, and thus increases the chances of clash with the opposite vehicle.
  • Younger teens and people who just started driving are more vulnerable to distracted driving as the chances of getting distracted are high in such cases.
  • On a whole, distracted driving may lead to vehicle clashes, fatal accidents, severe injuries to the travelers and may also injuries the pedestrians, by causing accidents to them.

Hence, strictly say NO to distracted driving. You are an expert driver and are used to multi-tasking like driving and texting, driving and talking over the phone, etc. it’s great. But, it may not be the case with the person coming opposite to you. You may handle things well, but he may not. So, it is better to stick to some rules while driving to avoid all such unanticipated things. (more…)

Common Travel Phrases in Spanish that Help You While Traveling

Learning basic conversational Spanish lessons will help you while traveling to Spanish speaking countries. It will make your travel comfortable, safe and easy as you are aware of the native language and culture. While planning a travel for the Spanish speaking countries, learning these common travel phrases should also be included in the preparation list.

Learning basic travel phrases in Spanish will help you in to find your way around, book accommodation, ask for directions, to order food and drinks by going through the menu, greet the people you meet, to hire a car, train or bus, etc.

Some of the travel phrases which you need to know in Spanish include

  • Room service
  • Hotel
  • Reservation
  • Is there any vacancies in your hotel?
  • How much does it cost for staying 3 nights/days?
  • I would like to book a single/double bedroom.
  • I want to see the room.

The above are some of the common phrases which help you making your stay convenient in Spanish speaking countries. These phrases can be learned from Spanish tourism websites which provide you these travel phrases and also from Spanish conversational course offered online. These websites have special curriculum to educate people about these travel phrases.