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How To Design Garden Layout

A proper layout and beautiful design can enhance garden look beautiful. So, before constructing a garden, checkout the layout of garden and as per the available fairy housesspace. In first phase of designing, a rough sketch of the garden layout can help a lot. This blueprint of ideas and designs could solve all the problems of garden’s design. While designing the garden, following important elements should be considered:


Indoor Bonsai Garden At The Home

In most of the towns and in metro cities sufficient place may not be available for gardening. In this situation, indoor gardening is the best way to create the garden in less space. Indoor gardening also helps for decoration purpose. Bonsai is the most common indoor garden type. Bonsai is also grown out-side but indoor bonsai garden is the common one.

The meaning of word bonsai is “try growing”. Bonsai plants can live 100 years or more if we properly care.

Different types of indoor bonsai plants are Ficus Retusa, Chinese pepper tree, Nandine Domestica, Ulmus Parvifolia, and Serissa Foetida.

Care guide of Bonsai:

  • Molding Bonsai: The desired shape and size will be given to bonsai by growing them in a small container. If bonsai plants will grows in small container that will control the root development. Trimming will shape the small bonsai plants. Bending branches and trunk will shape the bigger trees.
  • Nurturing Bonsai: It takes time to bonsai plants for adjusting to the new atmosphere. Some times bonsai leafs will turn into yellow. It will cause harm to new buds.
  • Watering: Bonsai requires large amount of water. It is better to pour water every alternate day in summer. Use humidity tries for watering the bonsai plants.
  • Place: Keep the bonsai plant in appropriate place. Semi-shaded is the best place for bonsai plant rather than windowsills.
  • Nutrition: Bonsai plants will require nutrition. Phostrogen tomato feed or other fertilizers will give nutrition to the bonsai plants. The fertilizer should be given once a week in summer. Once in a month the fertilizer should be given in winter.

Advantages Of Landscaping

Landscaping helps in making yard more beautiful. Apart from this, there are others advantages of landscaping.

Landscaping to increase labor productivity
The basic fact is that humans have a significant desire to keep in touch with nature and ideas and moods have more impact by the colors seen around. So, colorful landscaped offices are more likely to have lower cases of absenteeism and job shifting and employees show more productivity.

Landscaping to help people recover faster
Most doctors today believe that there is a huge positive effect of landscape on a patient’s mind, which helps him or her in recovering faster and it is also proven. So, most hospitals have well designed landscapes in their site to help patients to recover faster.

Landscaping for air purification
Landscaping backyard with trees and other plants can helps to minimize the bad effects of pollution as plants generate oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide to produce food resulting in purification of air. Apart from this, plants also helps in dispersion of fog, reduction of wind speeds, reduction of noise effects, controlling erosion, and affecting snow deposition.

Landscaping to increase property value
The factors that contribute in increasing the property values are greenery, walkways, arches, patios, decks, ponds, and helps in increasing the overall property value.

Landscaping can provide privacy and home security
Landscaping helps in completely covering outdoors thereby blocking unpleasant views from outsiders or neighbors. This can be achieved by beautifully landscaping outdoors instead of building huge walls which is not desirable.

Landscaping for energy savings
During the transpiration process, plants tend to absorb heat from the air and release water vapor, which acts as a coolant. Moreover, trees help in decreasing solar radiation and reflection by preventing walls from heating up. Typically, a landscaped house can save nearly 40% on energy bills compared to a house that don’t have this feature.