Growing Shrubs for Miniature Gardening

Garden is not just the place to grow the plants to produce veggies, fruits, herbs or flowers but has become a place of attraction. Growing colorful flowers and shrubs of different shades has become a way of decorating the house indoor or outdoor areas.

There are many ideas which can be used to make your home more beautiful. For example, if you are garden lover you can create beautiful scenes of your imagination as a mini landscapes in the form of miniature gardens.

miniature trees

Miniature gardening is a fun activity not only for adults but also for children of all age groups. It can be more creative by adding miniature accessories to the containers along with different miniature plants & shrubs. Aronia arbutifolia, bottlebrush buckeye, japanese andromeda, sky pencil holly are few examples of small or dwarf shrubs that can be used for miniature gardening. These shrubs are grown either in small containers or in any place in the front or back yards to make the home more beautiful.

miniature housesCamellia is needed to be planted in well-drained soil to avoid root decomposition. Adding compost or organic manure and peat moss to the soil before planting is helpful for the better growth of the plant. Proper watering at growing stage should be done in order to spread its root under the ground strongly. It is an evergreen shrub that grows best in shaded area. Basically, it is a plant of the winter season. This plant is available in different varieties but usually, gardeners prefer to grow japonica camellias and sasanqua camellias.

fairy housesAzalea is a better selection for spring to make the garden more colorful because this plant is available in different colors. For well growth and blooming of this plant, direct sunlight should be avoided to protect the leaves from the burn. Once the plant is grown fully, then it lives for a longer period. Azalea root is short and requires well drained and acidic soil. The buses of azalea grow well if the pruning will be done after the completion of the blooming period.

Oakleaf Hydrangea
miniature plantsThis shrub is easy to grow in well-drained and with a little alkaline/acidic soil using organic compost. Oakleaf hydrangea blooms well at the time of spring and in early summer. For better growth this shrub needed to be planted in a shaded area and in a well-drained soil. Watering of the plant is required for complete one year from the time of its plantation. It does not get affected by harmful pest and at a later stage of growth, this plant can survive in drought & dryness. Pruning should be avoided for this plant till the time it blooms completely.