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What is Commercial Software?

Commercial software is a computer software which is used in a commercial environment. It is software developed that has profit as a chief aim. The commercial software programs are available in physical box.

The commercial software products are Signal Fitness for-service, FEACrack, and FEAFlaw. The commercial software products perform the fitness-for-service, fracture mechanics analysis, and inspection database management. The inspection database management offers a solution for risk-based-inspection. The FEACrack product analyzes the program with automatic network generation. The FEAFlaw product will analyze the volumetric flaws. Commercial software is good option for home based business. The commercial software provides download scripts and free software directory. The download script includes freeware, shareware, trialware and demoware. The free software dictionary offers learning technologies.

The commercial software developers licensed under Commercial Software License Agreement (CSLA). The CSLA allows user to develop commercial products. The CSLA also describes the QNX standard support service terms and technical support.


10 Ways to Add Content to Your Website

In the beginning or in the middle, after creating a template design for your website, you need to add content to your website. Content is the king as it attracts visitors and has the capability of bringing more traffic to your site.

Here are the 10 ways to add content to your website to attract visitors and search engines:

1) Write the content based on how the visitor think when searching about your product or service. It will help you to create useful information in your site.

2) The content that you write in your website should be understandable to all age groups. Avoid using complex words.

3) Credibility and the trust are the two factors which move your business forward. Use emotions in your content to convey the message. Emotions can definitely stop visitors to move to another site.

4) People never read the whole information which you provide. Provide the information in short phrases which should describe entire meaning.

5) Keep space between headings to differentiate. It will help visitors read your content comfortably without any hassle.

6) Use images only when you definitely need them but make sure that they support your message.

7) The content you provide should be natural and continuous. It should never break. Flow of information automatically stretches the readers’ mind to read full information.

8) Back ground color should allow the readers to read the text without any confusion and should not irritate the visitors. Use white as background color and text in black color.

9) Use better fonts for online scanning like Sans Seriff Fonts, Verdana, Aerial, etc.

10) Use simple navigation system in your website. The keywords you use for links should reflect the page you are going to.

Christmas Vintage Gadget Gifts For Geeks

Christmas is merry, but what’s merry without shopping! You already might have purchased many gifts for your loved and dear ones but may not know what to purchase for your family members or friends who were the geeks of 1980s. Well, let me try to help you with this list of vintage gadgets.

Apple IIc:
You may have a latest Apple Macbook for as much as $999. But the classic Apple IIc from Apple that was launched in 1984 will be something that you may want to buy to surprise your geek pals. And how much do you think this 7.5 pounds vintage MacBook costs? Just around $15 to $40.

Commodore 64
This was most popular PC that was used by many geeks of 1980s. This PC taught the ABCs’ of programming to many of today’s successful programmers. The cost can be around $10 to $40 – but the major constraint will be to find it.

I was very disappointed to find this in the list of Top 10 Worst PCs of All time from PC World. This was released by Texas Instruments in 1981 at a price of $525. Today you can expect it buy at $10 to $30.

Atari 800XL
My list would definitely be incomplete without Atari 800XL. This was the third of the Atari-8 bit home computer version released by Atari in 1983.

Documents For Which Machine Language Works Well

Machine translation is the method of translating documents without any human intervention. Also referred to as MT, the translation is a process where a computer program will analyze a source text and generates a target text. In some situations machine translation is selected while in other cases human translation is more suitable. But, machine translation is not completely without of human intervention. Human intervention is included in the form of pre-editing and post-editing.