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Understanding Object Oriented Programming

There are three main parts of the object oriented programming which includes abstraction, inheritance and encapsulation. In the object oriented programming languages, programs are designed with the concept of objects. In this, each object contains its own set of variables to store the data relevant to the object. It also stores functions to perform action, perform calculations, add data to variables inside the object, etc.

Objects represent various things in a program, like a Square which is called as Abstraction. An object for a square in a math program would have a set of variables, length and width, that can only be accessed by functions inside the object and this is called as encapsulation. This reduces the chance of breakage while programming. The next part of an object function, represent things that the object can do or ways to interact with it. For example, in case of a square object, a function called area, will calculate the area of the square that the object represents, using the contents of the length and width variables inside the object.

Inheritance is used to calculate area of not only squares, but also other shapes, such as, a circle in the math. Inheritance is referred as creation of an object based on another object. Therefore, it inherits all of its variables and functions. Concept of inheritance is used to deal with large programs, where objects typically contain lots of lines of code, in which rewriting an object similar to another would be tedious and pointless.

In Object Oriented Programming, Java and C++ are the commonly used languages. Both are good languages for various things.


How to Create New Database in Oracle

Creating a new database in Oracle involves creating the information structure required to access the database, creating and initializing control files, and creating new data files. The above said steps can be performed through the Database Configuration Assistant manually or with the help of script.

The following instructions will focus on the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).

  • Open the Database Configuration Assistant and the users can double click the DBCA icon under the Start menu. Users who are using operation systems like Unix or Linux should issue the command DBCA at the command line.
  • From the list provided in the system choose the template that most closely matches the database you want to create.
  • Indicate whether you want to include data files in the database definition and click the next button.
  • After clicking next, provide the global database name and the Oracle System ID (SID).
  • Specify the database features. But there is no need to specify the database features if you have included the data files in the step 3. Click Next to go to next page.
  • It also important to specify whether the server is a dedicated server or a shared server.
  • After specifying the database set any installation parameters if required, to create a database.
  • To create a new database in Oracle it is important to specify the data files location.
  • After performing all the above steps perfectly and the last step to create a new database click “Create Database Now.”

By following the above instructions, one can create a new database in oracle.

Beware of IM Fraud

Cyber criminals uses Instant Messaging to distribute worms, viruses and Trojans. Hackers likes to use Instant Messaging because of the following reasons.

Network ports of IM client are opened, so no need to open suspicious ports to commit fraud.

IM networks support transfer files and use peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, by taking advantage of this they penetrates malware into files.

A Cyber criminal can easily hide Trojans into files, these Trojans modifies computer’s configuration settings, user IDs and passwords, credit reports, emails, tax and medical records. This can be great risk to client.

A hacker uses Denial of Service (Dos) on the IM client and through this hacker sends a large number of messages to a particular client which causes IM client to crash their system or slow down.

How to Defend Against IM Threats:

  • Don’t choose your real name, email address, or other personally identifiable information as a screen name. Only share your screen name with people you trust, and ask them to keep it private.
  • Use settings to block messages from unknown persons to prevent from “spim“ (IM spam).
  • Don’t display your screen name or email address in public places such as Internet directories.
  • Never provide private information like account numbers or passwords in an IM.
  • Turn off your computer and disconnect the DSL or modem line when you’re not using it.
  • Enable automatic Windows updates to keep your operating system patched against known vulnerabilities.
  • Configure your anti-virus software to automatically scan all email and IM attachments and downloaded files.
  • Be careful when using P2P file sharing with IM. Trojans may sit in these files.

Advantages of GPS

Now a days GPS services are extensively in use for mam making, navigation, land surveying, treks, fishing, and many scientific applications. GPS receivers could be included into boats, computers, cars and mobile phone watches, etc.

In Agriculture: Insects tend to surround in some areas if once areas are identified then they give guidance to planes to dust the particular areas of the large land, and it save the money and time and limiting pesticide use. On their livestocks’ collars, ranchers can be tracked by them with the GPS receivers, it easy to find out and round up cattle. Need of fertilization can be identified by soil sampling on a grid.

In construction: For land development, grading can be attained more precisely and quickly and it can save the labor cost and time. A GPS deter mines not only latitude and longitude but also altitude. To level the land most of farmers are using laser guidance. GPS permits more consistent water depth to the entire field because water follows gravity and not artificially flat planes.

Cabs and Deliveries: Cabbing, trucking and shipping can be done by GPS tracking more efficiently. GPS monitor the areas of the trucking fleets and better schedule pick ups for the return haul whether business is short-hauling or long-hauling.

And it is usefull in cabs also, it dispatches the closest cabs to maximize the fares and minimize the gas costs with more efficiently.

Fun and practical use: GPS service will help to keep track of the children and GPS on dog’s collar makes tracking it down easy when you dog has habit of running away a lot.

Know About OEM Software

There are many different types of software which are useful to us in many ways. OEM software is used by the manufacturers of the computers.

The OEM software is considered as the third party software, as you purchase the laptop computers or note book computers in bulk. One can purchase these software in retail markets. Generally, the computer builders and the hardware manufacturers will buy this software in bulk quantities.

As a stand alone product, this OEM software will be sold. Sometimes limited version of the retail software is called as the Original Equipment Software. The OEM’s purchase will be obviously at the discounted price because the purchase is done in large quantities.

If the buyer purchases a computer from the OEM, then the price of the software will be very low. Although the versions of the software may be different like full fledged version of the retail software or the limited version of the retail software or the older version of the retail software, the price of the software will be given discount.

However, restrictions will be imposed on the buyer in the cases when the buyer wants to sell the software alone without the hardware equipment. The End User license Agreement will not allow the buyer to sell without the hardware equipment.

Because of the increase in the online shopping, lot of OEM software are available on the internet. Some of the marketers are selling the software without permission from the manufacturer. Then in such cases, the software may be pirated ones. Those are never authorized by the publisher for selling. This makes the consumers remain with the counterfeit software.

Thus, the counterfeit software will not give upgraded functions as well as it will not be functional, even technical support will not be offered for that software.