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Auto Finance Sources

Most people do not have sufficient money to buy a new car. Sometimes it may be profitable to them when is easy to borrow the needed finances, or decrease the transportation expenses or a lucrative investment. The following are the different sources of auto finance.

  • Auto dealerships: Dealer financing is one of the most popular methods of financing. The buyer can get the finance from dealership itself. In most cases, the dealer’s finance rates are lower than those of banks and credit unions and other sources in the market. Some schemes like zero percent interest financing offered in United States, and in other countries for a specified models. Financing from a dealer can be fast, convenient and sometimes may competitive. But these are high pressure and the payments on loans are high in the beginning.
  • Banks: Banks offer auto loans based on the credit score. The main advantages with the bank loans are simple interest loans (which provides even interest throughout the loan term), disability or life insurance with loans, personal services and competitive rates. But the convenient is not as much as a dealership, because you need to get only within the bank working hours.
  • Credit unions: The credit unions are widely popular as cost effective automotive loan sources than the banks and other financial institutions. Because there is a facility to negotiate on large scale basis for its members. These are even provide the information on about the vehicle and other relevant. Credit unions provide cent percent financing.
  • Online financial institutions: Getting finance from a online finance institution is easy. It can be quick and usually more competitive rates. The major drawbacks with this option are easy to scam, we don’t know with whom we are dealing for the loan, and it is not a personal service.
  • Home loan equity: For financing a new vehicle, home loan equity is a cost effective way. The interest rates in this method are lower than any other type of loan except zero percent financing. These offer tax benefits, which is a part you are paying as interest on the loan. In this method, you will tying your house with your vehicle. This may risky in the future.
  • Friends or family members: Obtaining a loan from friend or family member is somewhat a good thing. You can get more personal service than any other type of loan source. Usually they will offer at competitive rates, easy to obtain the loan and sometimes it is flexible too. The problem with this is, when any incident is occurred, the relationship between you and the finance provider might be in dangerous.

Research for the interest rates and flexibility for you and find the best suitable one for you. Regardless of the source you are going to get the loan, it is better to obtain approval in advance for the vehicle’s finance amount.

Benefits of Diesel Engine

With rise in price of petrol, demand for diesel engine is getting higher. Automobiles with diesel engine gives high mileage, thus makes an obvious choice for many people. In this article, we will discuss about the benefits of diesel engine in cars.

Benefits of Diesel Engine

One can benefit from Diesel engine in following ways:

  • Fuel economy: Cars with diesel engine have better fuel economy than other vehicles, as diesel engine produces more power from less fuel because of high compression rate, thus produces more horse power per liter of fuel.
  • Reliability: Diesel engines are more reliable than gasoline engines. But, nowadays it has become common with gas engines also. People have more trust in diesel engine than fuel.
  • Fewer emissions: The diesel engine car produces fewer emissions because of the compression and the type of fuel ratios it has.
  • Lower maintenance: The working mechanism of diesel engine is different from that of gasoline engines, the former are easier to maintain and also have long lifespan. Major difference between them is the diesel lacks in electronic fuel ignition system. Absence of this, the system eliminates any electric failures, reduces repair costs thus making the engine a reliable one.
  • Lower fire hazard: The probability of getting fire hazard is low if any accident occurs with diesel engine cars.
  • Diesel engine cars last longs: Parts of diesel engine are generally strong than the gas engines. Moreover, diesel fuel has properties that are superior. Thus diesel engines last long when comparing to other fuel engines.
  • Greater torque: The diesel engine design produces greater torque. Torque means ability for puling loads and accelerating, thus diesel torque overcomes other vehicles easily.
  • Lower taxes: A diesel vehicle has lower road tax than other gasoline vehicles because the way road tax laws have changed. The taxing policy is based on CO2 emissions of the vehicle. As diesel engine car has lower emission, it will thus have low taxes.
  • Low end power: Many drivers like the feel of diesel cars when they are accelerated from the stop position. Diesel engine need not require rewed high for better acceleration when comparing to other gas engines. A diesel is considered worth especially for those people who want to be first away from the traffic light.

Thus diesel engines attracts more attention because of its higher efficiency and cost.

Components of a Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System and Its Working

Diesel engines are getting more popular among car owners as well as manufacturers. The later are increasingly adding more features to the existing ones. In this article we’ll discuss briefly the components of a diesel fuel supply system.

The components of a diesel fuel supply system include the following.

  • The fuel Tank
  • Fuel Filters
  • Lift Pump
  • Priming Pump
  • Inline Injection Pump
  • Distributor Type Injection Pump
  • Diesel Injectors

The fuel tank
The tank stores fuel necessary to keep the engine operating. Inside the fuel tank contains the fuel transfer pump and the return lines

  • Fuel transfer pump
  • The pumps the fuel and transferred it to filter and into the injection system.

  • Return lines

    Return lines are used to send the unused fuel back to the fuel tank.

  • The baffle plates are mounted in the fuel tank. The baffle plates are designed with holes on them to prevent splashing of fuel. Fuel tanks are manufactured in many shapes, sizes depending on the need of space. They may be in cylindrical or square shape. The tank is made of aluminum alloy, steel, etc.
  • In vehicles like cars, bikes the fuel tank is made of aluminum as it is light weight.

Lift pump
The lift pump gets fuel from the tank and filter, and sends it the secondary fuel filter and into the fuel injection pump. The lift pump is mounted on the injection pump to lift the fuel from the fuel tank.

A few engines are fitted with electrical lift pumps, which are always sealed and cannot be rebuilt,and have to be replaced when they fail. But most of are mechanical pumps that can be easily rebuilt.

Lift pumps are used in the vehicles where the fuel tank is mounted below the engine and the fuel has to be lifted up to the level of combustion chamber. If the lift pump supplies more fuel than required, it is the indication that the diaphragm in the lift pump is not good.

The time taken by a vehicle to accelerate improves with an effective lift pump. The lift pump is also used to build the pressure before the fuel goes into the fuel injection system.

Fuel filters
Diesel engine fuel system is equipped with a single or multiple filters. The fuel filters remove dirt, debris and rust particle from the fuel. The fuel filters play a vital role in a fuel system.

For effective fuel filtering, a series of filters. In the first filter, large materials are removed and in the subsequent filters smaller particles are removed. The filters need to be maintained at regular intervals to improve performance, as the fewer contaminants present in the fuel are, the more efficiently it can be burnt. If fuel filtering is not effective, it can cause clogging of fuel injector.

Inline injection pump
An in-line injection pump is used to raise the pressure of a fuel. In-line injection pumps are used primarily in diesel engines. The basic principle is to lift the injector needle off from its position. The in-line injection pump should pump the fuel accurately at a predetermined number of times under very high pressure to the single nozzles. The use of this type of pump is important in large-capacity engines with a higher fuel necessity. This kind of injection pumps are used in multi-cylinder engines.

Distributor type injection pump
The distributor-type injection pump is used in small to medium-sized diesel engine vehicles. It uses a vane type transfer pump to fill individual pumping elements to raise the fuel to injection pressure. Its operation is similar to an ignition distributor that distributes fuel to the pumping elements.

A rotating part called the rotor, within the pump distributes fuel at a high pressure to the individual injectors at the time of engine firing-order. Distribution type injection pumps are used in diesel multi-cyllinder engines with a maximum of six cylinders.

Diesel injector
Fuel injection is a way of supplying fuel in an I.C engine. It has become the primary fuel delivery system used in engines and has replaced carburetors. Fuel is delivered to the injectors. Each injector is fitted in the cylinder on its head. The injectors are made of good quality material to withstand the high temperature and pressure during the combustion process.

Working of diesel engine
In a diesel engine, the fuel is injected into the combustion chamber during the end of the compression stroke and the start of the power stroke. This is responsible for the combustion in a diesel engine. Mixing of fuel and air occurs inside the cylinder.

Air is sucked by a suction stroke and is compressed at high pressure. The injector injects fine spray of fuel with high velocity causes power stroke which is converted to mechanical work through the transmission system.

Soot is formed during combustion because the fuel burns with insufficient oxygen, and the combustion of the fuel is not completed. As additional fuel is injected, more and more soot is produced. The air/fuel ratio of the diesel engine should always be smaller to prevent high amount of smoke. A diesel engine is more efficient than a petrol engine as it has high compression ratio. The air-fuel ratio of compression ignition engines ranges from 18:1 to 22:1.

Major processes in the combustion mechanism

The physical processes

  • Oil is injected into the combustion chamber
  • Fuel droplets undergo evaporation
  • Vapors are mixed with hot air

The chemical processes

  • Low-temperature oxidation of hydrocarbons
  • Hot flames


Best Video SEO Practices for Auto Dealerships

The faster Internet enabling the users to stream and view the videos comfortably. It is becoming an advantage in the digital marketing for many including auto industry. In a case study publication from Marketing Sherpa found that the videos attract 200 percent to 300 percent more monthly visitors. This is also helps to increasing the time spend twice as long on website. In this article we will see how to do a good search engine optimization for the videos in your dealership website.

  • Video formats that are Google compatible: For search engine optimization you need to understand how search engines read the data, then your work will become simple. In fact there are many video file formats available at present. But Google can read only a few of them. So make sure that the files are in any of those formats only. The supported file formats by Google are SWF, FLV, RM, RAM, RA, AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV, M4V, MPEG, and MPG.
  • Naming your video file: Make sure that the video file that you upload has name describing what exactly is in the video. Just save the video with contextual keywords and appropriate title. Also, make sure that it is relevant to the content of the article in that web page.
  • Keywords: Embed the keyword in video meta description, tags and title, these should help search engines understand what content of video is. The video title should show the keywords that the users are searching for, and align with video’s content. If you are not sure about it, use keyword tools to see what phrases and words people are searching to find your website.
  • Video host limits: Hosting many videos on a single page is not a good practice, make sure to limit to one video per page. If you put an entire page as video archive, it helps like a library for reference purposes, but for a search engine it is only a good idea only when all the videos are about the same topic.
  • Sharing: Enable sharing with specific anchor text and embedding. Social media sharing plays plays an important role in search engine results pages rankings for specific keyword phrase. The more shares give the better rankings. If video embedded by the more people, in their share it on social media or blog posts, the more search engines prefer your content and website. The embedding is available on the most video hosting services and websites.

Create a video sitemap and submit it to the Google webmaster. It helps you to indexed by the Google to your video.

If you don’t have videos on your dealership website, just take a model from your selling brands, and capture some important parts of the vehicles, new and unique features in the model, then explain about them. It is not a big deal for a automobile salesperson because it is just like to say to a customers.

Link Building Strategy for Auto Dealerships

Auto dealership owners might have heard about link building, but don’t know ‘how to do it for their dealership website. It looks like a simple question, but the answer is complex. In terms of search engine optimization link building is the process of obtaining a backlink from one web page, and pointing it to another web page. Search engines such as Google look at those links to rank a web page. In this article first we see the basics of link building and then the strategies.

  • Basics to know about link building: The relationship between link building and search engine optimization is complex. But here is a quick summary every auto dealership owner or internet marketing person should know.
    • In general link building is good: Try to build as many links as you can from reputable sources. This is because each link is like a vote of confidence for the search engines.
    • All links are not equal that you have: A tweet not worth is same as a link from a blog or a newspaper. If the source of the link is trustworthy, the link from it is more trustworthy to the dealership website.
    • Bad links: Some links could be bad. If links are from foreign domains, or from the websites that have nothing to do with, and contains objectionable content will not help. Do not buy links from other websites. Such links damage your reputation and trust of your customers. Buying links is violation of Google user agreement. In case, Google catch your dealership website, you have to pay a lot, which might come in the form of the search engine’s penalty for your website.
  • Strategies: Once you understand the basic concept of link building, the first step to creating a link building strategy for your auto dealership is to understand your assets for link building. There are multiple ways of earning links, but below are three strategies every auto dealership can use.
    • First Strategy – Relationships: Find websites that can link to your dealership website. This can be any organization that you work with or any local business like a local florist that delivers flowers to your front desk, parts supplier, or a body shop. Also, find out if there is anyone who mentioned about your business online and that is not linking to your dealership website. You can make a search for mentions of your dealership brand by inserting the keywords search parameters in Google search: “Dealership Brand Name”
    • Second Strategy – Onsite content: The blog is helps your website get links to the website. If you have links in any other credible source will be a good thing to get the traffic. For example, you are giving scholarship of some amount to a local school or college with the name of your dealership, you could generate the links from different places like scholarship directory websites, local bloggers, local chamber of commerce, city websites, universities and local high schools.
    • Third Strategy – People: In guest blogging opportunity, leverage the experience of your staff. Conduct seminars with your mechanic on his well experienced way or other people about he running of an auto dealership.

Link building is one of the biggest challenges that most auto dealership websites face. Only creative and a planned strategy can help an owner create links that can help their dealership website see higher rankings, then more visits and finally into conversions.